Sunday, June 22, 2014

Will You Be My Next Best All Time Leader?

Meet Breezy (official name SPRING BREEZE Kipp d´Amundsen), the only girl from Tazlina´s boy heavy litter :)

What can I say - Breezy is a handful!

As a tiny baby, she was just so cute and sweet and adorable and innocent, and looked a bit behind in everything comparing to her wild, pushy brothers. Oh well, times change, my friends! 

First of all, she is WILD. She is super wild and so full of energy and that mischievous spark that drives one crazy, but you´ve gotta love her for that even more.

She is totally FEARLESS, exploring everything and needing to be everywhere first to check things out, be it on a walk in the woods or whenever I put a new obstacle in the garden.

Yes, she is light to handle, everything is so easy to teach her and to explain. She is totally eager to learn new things and absorbs new experiences like a sponge.

She is so easy in a way, doesn´t make fuss about anything, takes all in a huge stride.

And oh, boy, is she ever FAST and ATHLETIC! I often catch myself holding breath when I watch her fly through the garden, her smooth motion and incredible athleticism is impossible to miss.

She reminds me SO MUCH of a dog I love. Hmmm, whom would that be? Bingo, her mom Tazlina! She is a spitting copy of her super mom, in structure and looks too, but it is that special spark in her eyes and the omnipresent good mood and that zest for life, the need to learn and interest in everything, that remind me of her so much.

Oh yeah, she is staying! :)

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