Thursday, June 5, 2014

Our Fox Neighbors

To those of you, who follow my blog, it is no surprise to see fox and other wildlife pictures here, and over the years, our friends have been hearing not just one story about our wild neighbors, as we call them.

Foxes are ones of the most frequent visitors of the kennel, although I seldom call the wild creatures visitors, they are more of neighbors, really, because they have been living here long before us.
The foxes learned over the years that the huskies are harmless, when fenced, and they dare to come really near. 

We´ve had male foxes come out at night when the husky girls are in heat, in the spring they share the hunting grounds for mice and other rodents with our cats and this little fella has been here since the middle of the winter. He or she comes visit several times a day, especially around feeding time.

Two young foxes reside this spring under our guest cabin. They even stole the door mat - smart critters, they know it´s nice to have something soft and comfy to cuddle up on.

Every time we watch one of our fox neighbors, there is a story to tell.

We live at a place where foxes literally give us good night and good morning.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my wilderness home? :)

Have a safe and blessed weekend, everyone!

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