Friday, May 30, 2014

What Is Home?

Howdy all!

It is obvious that it took me quite a while to find my way back to my abandoned blog :)

Now that we are back home in the woods on the banks of the mighty Vattudalen, after half a year spent operating sled dog tours far away, it seems as life is settling back to normal.

But what is "normal" really? Well, that is a very relative term and we´ll leave that for some other time :)

Before I start with my thoughts, I would like to say a few words about the picture I chose for today´s blog post. See that green, gorgeous spring grass? It is the grass that grows in our dog yard, and all around the property, for the matter. 

Everyone is familiar with the saying "the grass is greener on the other side".
Well, over the years (does that mean I am getting wise and old?) I have learned that if the grass is greener on the other side, I just need to "water mine". This has become one of the most important wisdom in my life. Believe me folks, it works wonders :)

I just recently read a question on one of my favorite websites: "what is home to you?" And it is a great question.
Being away from it for so long, being apart from some of the dogs, the cats, the woods, my own bed, my books, my kitchen, but in the bigger picture also apart from the velvet skies full of diamond stars, missing the dance of the northern lights, not being accompanied by the foxes while feeding the dogs, not seeing the deer searching for greens in the warming rays of the returning sun, it all felt very bizarre.

For me, home is most definitely the North. That is something I always felt, but now, having tested it, I can only confirm it. Everything, the way it goes, the way it is, the seasons and their specifics, the air, the sky, the way the water tastes, the energy of the forests, the constant peacefulness, the stillness of many moments, the plentiful wildlife, the lake and river, the abundance of wild flowers and herbs, .... You get the picture. I could go on like this forever.

I´ve said once that home is where the dogs are. And this is very much true, I missed the retired dogs and the youngsters and our old girl Babeli so much, it made me constantly homesick.

But above all, home is where the heart is. Yes, it is obvious that my heart is set on the North, but it wouldn´t be a home, if my beloved ones, my closest, dearest ones - my family, weren´t there.

So to answer the question I recently read, to me, home is where my family is.
My partner Jachym and all our four legged children are that family.

And because my home is where my family is, there will always be a piece of it with my mom and dad, no matter how far they are.

So let´s keep this subject going around a bit, let´s think about it a bit. Let´s see how we all define HOME. What is it for you, guys?

You can share your thoughts in the comments below or on the Facebook page.

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

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