Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rejoining The Pack

Let me officially welcome Chilkoot back into our pack. It´s been actually already several weeks since Chilkoot resides with his friends, but even brothers, sisters and mom, here at Kipp d´Amundsen Kennels.

Back into the pack? Yes, this charming boy was born here and lived with us until he was six months old, before moving into his new home.

Chilkoot is one of the four boys born in our "CH" litter. His siblings residing here are brother Chip and sisters Lucky (officially Chatanika) and Chisana. Their parents are Star and Canuck (R.I.P. my sweet boy).

The pack is accepting him pretty well and he finds more friends to run, chase and play with every day. While using the positive reinforcement based training methods, Chilkoot has learned to feel safe, content, happy and trusting here within days, and is developing a good connection with me.

He is a very intelligent, good natured, calm, easy going and playful dog.
This fall and winter he will be running in the yearling team to get used to his team mates, larger dog team and the way things are done here.

As you can see on the picture below, his half sister Krtek nods with approval :)

Welcome back home, boy!

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