Saturday, August 31, 2013

Caught On The Web #1

Today I am bringing you a little un-traditional post. I don´t mean that it is outside of my usual topics, but it is a new "project" I have been playing with for a while. 

Reading news from the dog and animal world daily and regularly going through my subscriptions of interesting read and videos about natural health, nutrition, dog sports, animal behavior, etc. I always wondered how to share these further and not keep them just for myself.

And because I don´t really like to just repost blogs of others in my own blog posts, which creates zillions of extra un-necessary links, I decided to gather these "collections" of interesting blogs, videos and articles I come across, into one post, containing links. 

Some of them will be on one topic, some will be a mix of interesting stuff picked up here and there. 
They will be numbered and will all appear under one label for you to easily find them while navigating through my blog. 

So here comes the first selection of what got "caught on the web":

As a long time follower of Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis´s work, as well as promoter of natural techniques such as acupressure, reflex therapy and REIKI, I highly recommend article by The Whole Dog Journal Canine Acupressure Techniques To Promote Healing. Great read on how to help our canine friends and athletes.

Interestingly enough, I came across a great short video lecture by Dr.Leslie Woodcock, DVM, presented by Susan Garrett´s Say Yes Dog Training, on cutting the nails of a dog athlete. You can read and watch it in Susan´s blog post Cutting Your Dog´s Nails: How Important Is It Really?

So two great articles on how to help and prevent health issues and injuries of our working dogs.

The video on cutting dog nails just got me into thinking how we trained our dogs to get rid of fear and panic during the procedure and what a struggle many people and dogs go through because of such a simple thing as nail clipping. 
And I remembered I once saw a great video also by Susan Garrett, on how she got rid of this issue once and for all. So simple and it really works! So this is how you can teach your dog to stop panicking, in what other, than positive way:
I totally love it!

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Susanne said...

Thanks so much for sharing what you caught on the Web! That helps so so much at the clinic. You made my day. Can't wait for my next customer at the clinic. :-D