Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wild Visitors

One day a strange sound made me raise my head from the computer, when I was writing at the kitchen table. The sound was very unusual for our neighborhood - after living eight years in this quiet, lonely place, you pretty much become an expert in recognizing sounds. There are simply not many of them - and this one did not belong to any of those few familiar ones.

It had a metal tone and sounded like bells or someone smashing a metal stick against some sort of metal plate. It was very difficult to identify this strange, continuous sound. My brain started to quickly analyse what was it.

First thoughts that instantly arrived, were, that a group of people (kids) were walking on the gravel road and making these noises. But where would a group of people appear here??!
A quick look outside the window and through the sick green "wall" of birch and willows didn´t help locating the barer of the sound so I opted to go check and discuss with Jachym outside.

By the time I  made it to the door I heard the sound stop and start again and then the dogs broke into a frenzy. 

Looking towards the neighbor´s house, I spotted the reason and explanation for all this - two reindeer!
One was wearing a large bell, similar to the one that sheep herds wear.

They stopped trotting and stared at us for a while, surprised by the huskies´ barking and howling.

But, most likely because the grass is greener (you know the story), they soon opted to stay and hang out here for a while. And they happily marched onto the meadow, that neighbors with the dog yard.

And nothing, or no one, including Jachym-the-paparazzi could disturb them away from the yummy fresh green grass. :)

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