Sunday, June 23, 2013

Night Walk

What I absolutely adore about the life in the wilderness of the great North are the possibilities and opportunities.

Where else would one get to see bear tracks, pick wild flowers under the warm sun at night and see the mountain tops during a casual walk with the dogs.
What I also love about living the lifestyle we do, is the possibility to just decide to head out for a hike in the wilderness for example on a week day, or in the night.

And that is exactly what we did few days ago. After picking Jachym up at the bus station, we had a nice lunch in town and then headed home, picked some gorgeously blooming purple lupines to decorate the house with, changed our clothes and headed straight to the wilderness.

Jachym is really good at photographing flowers

As Jachym documented all the blooming activity, I spotted a few bear tracks.

My mom, who is here for a visit, wasn´t very fond of what I found and Jachym´s bear stories did not make her feel much better too. He is such a brat!

This orchid is one of the local typical summer messengers. Usually blooming in July, but this year´s early summer warmth produces a lot of "early bloomers".

I have no idea what these berries are called, and I know they aren´t eatable, but they sure have very pretty blossoms.

And here are a few pics of the amazing night sun, with mountains on the horizon.

9:00 pm and the sun is very high. That was shortly after the start of the walk. Really lovely time.

Krtek and Mouse enjoyed themselves tremendously. As a matter of fact, they enjoyed themselves so much that they went after a strong moose scent and disappeared into the wild. After couple recalls, Krtek was back, but Mouse went missing in action for almost an hour. We walked back to the truck, got it started, drove to the point where we last saw her and as we turned around, I noticed a white spot moving in the brush. By the time we got turned, Mouse, panting heavily, tongue hanging low from her adventurous cross, was hitchhiking by the edge of the road. She gladly accepted the open door to the truck and hopped in onto the back seat with relief.

Cotton grass, one of my favorites.

With mom, shortly before Mouse went MIA.

Being able to get in the truck, for example in the middle of the night and go for a hike not only helps to clear one´s head. It gives inspiration and appreciation. It creates true freedom.

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