Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Short Visit From The Frost

First autumn morning found us braking ice from the dogs´ water buckets and taking an extra layer of clothes before heading out for the morning run.

And as you can see - the beauty of ice crystals in the gorgeous sunlight is something one doesn´t want to miss an opportunity to capture.

This is the alst goodbye of the colorful leaves of fireweed, as the frost turned this favorite plant of mine into brown sticks with their leaves hanging down, at some colder places. These were still in the early morning sunlight and still showed some color.

 Crispy, sunny morning. A perfect time to be out with the kids for a nice run.

And they sure did boogie up and down the trails! :)

Frozen lingon berry bushes.

Fallen raspberry leaves.

I simply photograph almost everything! :)

In the shade, it was still freezing quite a bit, with ice formed on the creeks and puddles.

The frozen beauty of the grass, creating a silver-gray carpet, the next is layer of yellow birches, topped with blue sky. Nothing beats the art of mother nature.


Sunlit Goosak during a short stop before we continued into the hills.

Katka´s smiling all the way, taking pictures of - everything :)

We tried these crow-berries and they tasted like fruit icecream :)

Almost on the top of today´s run.

The leaders of the morning team - Tazlina and her half-sister Skittles.

On top of the world :)


Finn said...

So beautiful!!! But, I am not ready for any signs of frost yet!

(Karen) Lisa Daley said...

What a happy post and lovely photos! Yesterday, I wore shorts, so no running here yet. Enjoyed seeing yours though - thanks for sharing!