Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Whiskies On A Four Miler

With the help of the super handler duo that Katka and Lucka are, I found myself running 2 to 3 teams each day with actually no big deal! 

As a result of that, all the youngsters - the high schoolers, elementary school kids and the kinder garden all have plenty activities and regular sled dog "lessons" :)

Yesterday, it was the Whiskies´ turn. They are the oldest of the kids, also known as the high school brats, the teenagers or the yearlings. All four of the siblings - the girls JB and Jamie and the boys Johnnie and Jameson, are just fabulous to watch work in harness. They are such talented kids.

They all enjoyed their four mile run in the hills yesterday, their big mentor (and role model!) Sparky turned the team around beautifully, everyone drank on the trail and made no fuss back home when feet were checked and all the routines were done. Just like pros :)

I am so excited to watch them develop into sled dog athletes gradually!

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