Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Blacks And The Grays And A Big Circus On The Road

Tolly, Cora, Finn, their mom Lucky, Granite, three border collies and one Dutch shepherd on a walk.

Crazy? For us, just another day in the woods, actually :)

It was actually the puppies´ first time in harness and have a look for yourself on the video and pictures how they did. Pulling and leaning into their harnesses like pros :)

Lots of dogs - lots of crazy dogs :) We often divide them in two groups: "The Black Ones" and "The Grays" to be able to count them when they roam through the woods :)

We laughed pretty much all the way once we hit the road with this "commando" :-)
If anyone (and fortunately no cars drove by while we hiked) met us, they would for sure question our sanity. Or their sanity.

Circus on the road! :)

After a while, we did form into three groups of three dogs plus one human. This is my three (l to r: Lucky, Finn and Granite). Look how neatly they marched! :)

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