Monday, April 23, 2012

In Case You Were Wondering...

A few friends, who came visit lately just couldn´t quite figure out, why do we call Cora "the Wild One". Why do we point out she´s the craziest, most comic puppy of the Love Litter, and most of all, why do we think she is the "Duracell Bunny".

Well, this morning it was her turn for the in-house play/train session and she surely reminded us why all the above is definitely not an illusion.

Comparing to her focused, patient sister Tolly Rose, it sure is like fire and ice.

So, want some proof? Let´s see:

First, she won´t sit still for a millisecond. And if she must sit, it would be on a chair, which she first climbed.

This was our attempt in holding her on my lap for less than half a minute, to take a picture of her. A decent picture, I mean.

Eventually, we won!

But believe me, many, many, many pictures have been deleted before this one came out. Look at her crazy expression. 

Oh yeah, and we did have a minor nervous breakdown in the meantime.

Finally, a blessing from the sky! I would love to give the person who invented this toy a Nobel Prize.

See the focus? Yup, Cora started to actually play with a dog toy, instead of sitting by the table, trying to walk over the table, pulling on the table cloth and all the other amusing stuff (mind you I worked with  her with clicker for a while before all that!).

She really, honestly played with the ball (ok, we had to refill it with kibble numerous times, or else...)

Her eyes say it all - humans, be inventive. Use your brain. If you wanna tire me down, you better come up with something challenging. Otherwise I´m bored.

After half hour of chasing it, smashing it against walls and furniture, and actually not managing to destroy it, unlike the squeaky cow or the soccer ball, Cora let Jachym snuggle with her. Well, sorta..

As soon as we settled down to what Cora thinks is idle (working on our computer, planning schedule for the week), she shook off her tiredness and went about a new mission - to pull out everything from the table, that she thought did not belong there.

But wait a minute! She is actually laying down right now. The dragoness is S-L-E-E-P-I-N-G !!!

I gotta sign off and use my time. I don´t have much of it.

Happy Trails and Stay Safe!


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