Sunday, March 25, 2012

We Are Family

Can you guess who these three dogs are? 

I have a clue for you - they are all a family. Two of them are siblings and two are parent and offspring.

It´s simple:

1. Send your guesses as a comment under this post (don´t forget to leave your name and contact),
2. Click "join this site" on the option on the sidebar, called "Followers",
3. Wait for the announcement of the correct answer and draw of a small prize winner!

Clues: you can search our website or the blog find the dogs on picture and their names and relations.

Rules: There are no rules :) Except for one: 2011/12 handlers can´t play, as well as Jachym - do you hear me, Jachym?! :-)

Have fun! :) Enjoy!

1 comment:

Nardo said...

Ah! since we are not 2011/12 handlers, I will dare an educated guess: Goosak&Galena are easy, but the little Whiskey gave me some trouble, they looked so different when they were small!! I think it is Jamie.