Sunday, February 26, 2012

Presenting the Eternal Love Litter

We knew that Lucky x Inuk´s puppies MUST have names of love. But it wasn´t easy to chose a common topic with the proper names and took Rebecca, Steve, Jachym and myself (and a bunch of Facebook friends - thanks for all your suggestions, guys!) a lot of brain storming and tweaking. 
Thankfully, the long training runs prior our big races were good opportunity for thinking and philosophing :)

We wanted to honor our great handler crew and name the puppies after Irish love gods and goddesses, but quite frankly, their names are nearly impossible to write, never mind pronouncing! Sorry Reb and Steve :)

So, here are the babies at 3,5 weeks, sporting their noble eternal love story names:


This handsome fella is FINN

This pretty, wild and smart girl is CORA

And this is NATHANIEL aka NATHAN aka NATE

and another pretty and brave girl, full of character - ROSE (in honor of our Irish/English handlers, her official name will be TOLLY ROSE (forest rose).

And now a little quiz for you - can you guess who are the puppies named after? There may be a few tricks and one puppy might be named after two "love" characters. The first one who will guess all correctly will get a little prize. Have fun! :)
(Just place your guesses in a comment under this post and add your name).

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