Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Love Puppies

All the race and pre-race madness prevented me from updating about our youngest kennel members - the five gorgeous "Love Puppies".

They were born on January 19th to proud mamma Lucky (CHATANIKA Kipp d´Amundsen) and daddy Inuk (INUKSHUK Kipp d´Amundsen).

As with majority of our litters, there is a story or a theme behind their names, to which we pay an extra attention, the "Eternal Love" litter is no exception and has quite the story to tell.

Inuk and Lucky happen to be our kennel´s Romeo and Juliet. Although they do not come from two families in war with each other and their passion for each other is not forbidden, and we sure hope not tragic, they are a typical example of soul mates. In the off season, when our dogs spend most of the time running, playing and hanging around the dog yard, Inuk and Lucky wouldn´t separate. Where one goes, the other follows as a shadow. Try to separate them into different kennels and they would die of madness. In summer we often find one laying in a shade of a dog house, while the other one would sit or lay beside, on the roof or on a wooden platform infront. These two young dogs are a typical example of soul mates, who simply chose each other as their eternal partner. I have never seen this in our kennel before and it is really cool and neat to observe.

To make the (love) story short and get to the point, watching these two together, I realized they would match very well also structure, type and pedigree wise. Both with great temperaments and some hard working qualities (although as two year olds not yet having a race experience). Both have been running in the main string the full fall season, then in the yearling team during snow season and both meant to run their first race - the Beaver Trap Trail in March. 
I did not plan for them to have a litter this winter, but sometimes things just happen.

And as a result of that, we are able to present the five little miracles, named in honor of their parents´ love.

Their individual presentation will be a subject for the next update. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new litter. Will the pups get lovely names? A big hug for Lucky! from Sandra