Monday, December 12, 2011


The Finnmarkslopet race, which we are signed up for, has a rule, that if you wanna use smaller scale maps, you must use the GPS along with it. You have to keep it operating at all times - and, of course you must know how to use it.

Since I´ve always been the map and compass kind of person (those who know me know I am the opposite of my partner - I´d happily change anything electronic for simple, natural way), I found myself not remembering how to operate the GPS on the level, where I could depend on it (I still wouldn´t depend on it fully, I just don´t trust electronic stuff).  

So last week I went through a short, but intensive lecture on the using of the GPS (thank you Steve and Jachym!). Luckily for me, our handler Steve is an outdoor school teacher (imagine - in Great Britain they actually have outdoor schools!!! how cool is that?!) so he not only knows how to use or do things, he also knows how to patiently explain and as a proper teacher - he gives assignments and homework! :)

My first assignment was to use the gloves and mitts I race in, to press the buttons. 

My homework was to take it out, record a track and play with different functions, and then report it.

So, the same evening I found myself heading into the darkness in a decent snowstorm with the GPS. 
And while I was at it, I also tested my new wind proof anorak. 

I survived. 

The GPS survived. 

The anorak survived. 

The first testing was successful! :)

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