Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It´s Official!

We are Finnmarkslopet 2012 bound!

Katerina and The Team are signed up for the 500km Finnmarkslopet 2012, starting March 10.
This is the shorter version of the world´s northernmost race and is limited to only 8 dogs to start with.

We realize it is a huge commitment to enter and complete such race, but we have been working hard towards this goal and towards fulfilling our long time dream of long distance racing with our Siberian huskies that we breed and raise by ourselves.

We are quite confident that our dogs can withstand the test of distance racing and we realize that the limiting factor to our success is Katerina´s long term battle with health issues and our complete depending on financial support from sponsors and friends.

If you would like to help us, you can join our team by either purchasing various items such as Katerina´s handcrafts, sponsor one of the dogs, advertise with us or donate. You can find all sponsoring options and information here. Every little purchase, every small donation or the simplest advertising banner will get us one step closer to our dream - of completing Europe´s biggest race, with a happy, healthy dog team, pampered on the level of care we are so proud of. Thank you!

This is the official Finnmarkslopet race map. The yellow marked trail is the one of the 500km race that our team will hopefully compete in.
Go to Finnmarkslopet´s official website at www.finnmarkslopet.no to read the race program, see all the entrants and get more info about the world´s northernmost and Europe´s longest sled dog race.

The countdown has begun! :)


546875687sdf said...

This is incredible, I've heard about the race before but couldn't dream of entering it myself (As much as I've heard about those things I have zero experience and its just not something i think I could persue) But go you!

Sandra said...

Hi Katerina,
It is wonderfull to see that your dream is coming true. I hope it will be a great experience for you and Jachym and ofcourse the dogs! Enjoy the trainingperiod as much as possible. Take care, Sandra

Nardo said...

Finnmarkslopet! Finnmarkslopet! Finnmarkslopet! :-) Grand Kat!! Really!!! Fully awesome!! :-)