Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where did September go?

Oh my, so much have happened in the past ten days, since my last blog post! Where to begin?! Let's use this entry to summarize the entire month a bit.

The Spices II are growing like weeds, they are sweet, cudly, noisy, cute and did I mention sweet? :)
We will be taking their weekly pictures today as it is their three weeks 'birthday'. 
You can watch them grow, play and get sweeter and sweeter on the Kipp d'Amundsen PuppyCam, which my brilliant man Jachym installed on the occassion of their birth.

Although it's been an unusually warm September, we've been doing our best to stick to the schedulle and train the dogs as much as we can. We have full hands with 31 dogs currently in the main string and a bunch of yearlings and 'puppy coaches' in the so called puppy team. With several events undergo, where we are and will be attending with a sales booth of our sled dog  internet shop, the entire human crew is super busy. 

Thank goodness for a good kennel help and dog handler Kristyna, who helps with all possible chores as well as gives an extra attention to the retirees, known as the Kipp d'Amundsen Canine Senior Citizens, by letting them out to play in the dog yard every day and taking them for walks in the colorful autumn woods whenever chance arises. Unfortunately, her stay is closing on and she will be leaving in two weeks.

The Whiskies are a super lovely bunch, very affectionate, communicative and smart. They are now playing in the main dog yard regularly and the big dogs are getting used to them. Occassionally, the pups' favorite 'uncle' Cooper or other dogs play and socialize with them.
Unfortunately, our plans for more clicker and agility training have crashed with lack of time. Why aren't days 36 hours long??

Because of our head-over-feet situation, I have cancelled my planned trip with Jachym last week to the Swedish Siberian Husky Breed Specalty and then to Czech Republic in order to keep running dogs, taking care of the pups, garden, household and focus on some of the upcomming events. 
Well, to say it as nicely as possilbe - things didn't quite go the way they should have... But that is a theme by itself for the next blog post...

And that about sums it up. Puppy pics and few more updates are on their way! Stay tuned and thanks for checking with us!

Happy Trails!

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Janicke Lekang said...

Wow...I can understand you need 36 hours with all those dogs....Lot's of work with so many puppies as well. Gorgeous little puppies, wish I could have them all...we only have four dogs now..but keep talking about doubling the pack.