Saturday, July 2, 2011

Of Rainbows and the Skies

Couple of days ago, I got to see one of the most beautiful rainbows ever. 

A full arch, double rainbow, where the top bow was lighter and somewhat "foggier", while the bottom one was incredibly strong, powerful, displaying all it´s colors fully, and with a tiny, tiny mini little rainbow right underneath is! It looked like it´s baby.

The pictures don´t do it any justice at all, but I am glad I was able to capture it at tall. 

And minutes later, the golden sun rays sparked through the clouds, to tell the world it´s the end of another day.

There´s something about rainbows and skies.

It´s not just that I like rainbows, but they are magical and powerful and nostalgical too. They´ve alwys evoked the feeling of certain melancholy and sadness in me, but at the same time brought a smile to my face. Like a sad, true story movie with a good end. I know, sounds probably wierd. But I can´t describe it better.

One thing´s for sure. I do love rainbows. And sunsets. And watching the skies. It gives me feeling of belonging to this huge, wast universe, being a tiny little partical that belongs into this large, colorful mozaic called life.

And every time I watch the skies, no matter if for a rainbow, the silent snow flakes, a beautiful sunset, or the silver shiny stars on a black velvet of a winter night, I think of my dogs and close people present and past.  And I feel the connection to them all at once. The connection of our spirits across the space, right here and right now.

Peace, Love and Happy Trails!

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