Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Big Milestone

When we were going on our annual trip to Czech Republic this past May, I was deciding what to pack and couldn´t find the right kind of wind and water proof, light jacket. My eyes spoted the favorite red, but... oh, well, that one I could last fit three years ago, before my health and condition took the final downward curve, leading me to changing a lot in my life.

Since many of you know, I have lost a considerable amount of weight since then, so baring that in mind, I dared to try the jacket on. Just in case. You know.

Imagine the feeling when I found out I could actually fit it on, meaning I can actually zip it. Ok, it was tight, but I could wear it and voala - problem what to pack against rain and wind was solved!

Fast forward to this past Wednesday. 

I was in a need of wearing my favorite red jacket again. Knowing I can actually zip it, I felt happy and then! Well, then imagine the surprise when I found out I can not only zip it up, but it is lose around my body, both pockets easly zipped up too!!! 
I jumped on the scale the very next morning (I always weigh myself at the same time) to find out another 7 pounds are down!

And that brings me to the title of this post. I have actually reached another milestone. With these seven pounds burned into muscles, energy or whatever else, but definitely gone from my fat reserves, I have crossed a round number of my weight the only right direction! :) 

A number I can last remember being under more than five years ago Maybe six. I can´t even remember. A number I´ve been battling with for months, a number that was seemingly impossible to get under (and over with).

I know my weight still has quite a few of such round numbers to pass, but I know now that equipped with patience, determination and persistance, I will reach the next milestone. And then the next one. Until I reach my goal. And the victory will be sweet! It already feels great!

So if you´re battling similarly, I have a message for you. It is possible. It can be done. Just go ahead and do something. Be a doer. It´s so much worth it!

And here´s a little bit of whisdom and motivation for you:

Love, Hugs and Happy Trails! 

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