Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sunny Day in Vedjeön

post by Nardo Drouven

Today is a very nice and sunny day out here! In the morning the sun was already nice and warm when we went to feed the beasts :-)
Cleaning the kennels is now becoming easier, since the snow is disappearing from them and the kennel floors are made out of wood... whereas the outside is getting harder to clean, for there is still half frozen snow there and the poo sinks into deep holes.... giving a whole new meaning to the term "Shithole".... :-s
Yesterday we cleaned one of the kennels out so it is totally clean and has a totally clear wooden floor, absolutely brilliant to work on! Today we will be clearing out some more! :-)

I had an interesting near-dog experience today. We noticed that Delia had blue plastic in her poo... which is not very healthy of course... We have no clue where she got it, cause we did not use any blue plastic at all lately... but anyway.... In the morning I decided to check her house and when I took off the roof and looked into it, I saw a few pieces of plastic there... I rummaged through the straw that covers the doghouse floor and found some more... I decided to just get into the doghouse alltogether, and found quite a lot more! Now I removed all the plastic, so the problem should be solved... but being IN the actual doghouse was a funny experience.... looking out of their little door really gives some insight into how it feels for the dogs when they are inside their little homes :-)

Happy sunny cheers!

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