Monday, March 28, 2011

Awesome Weather and the Dog's Peculiar Eating Preferences

post by Nardo Drouven

When we woke today, the sun was already up and shining brightly on the fresh snow from yesterday. When we went out to feed the beasts, the air was cold, snow was crisp and sun was casting a warm pleasant light over it all! It is so nice to see the difference between the weathers out here, you can very well notice the difference of a clear sky when it is freezing or above zero and usually cloudy. When it is clear and freezing, like now, the world looks fresh, clean and bright! The snow flickers and is very pretty, whereas when it is above zero, the snow is soft and mushy, the sky is grey and life doesn't sparkle as much :-)

The dogs here are a funny lot, many of them have very peculiar eating preferences. Some dogs won't eat when they have too much food, some won't eat if they see too much liquid, some even don't eat if their bowl, which is attached to their houses, with a metal band, is tilted in the wrong angle! They are incredibly strict in their demands, and when we don't serve them the way they want, they just refuse to eat anything at all... they simply don't touch their bowls.... This surely makes me reflect on my opinion of dogs, they are much more like humans than I thought.... perhaps it also depends on the breed, since these are all pure Siberians, while at the farm in Finland, we had none of this trouble, except for with one of the Siberians there.... or perhaps, they are influenced by the cats here, and think we humans merely exist to serve their every whim.... who knows? :-p Nonetheless, they are grand animals, all of them equally sweet, though not equally cuddly.... love 'em! :-)

Happy cheers&bunch of hugs to you all!

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