Saturday, November 6, 2010

On the Trail Again

After a long eight day break, we´re in motion again!

The conditions aren´t the best yet, but it´s "doable". While on some of the trails, we´ll have to be going in two persons to take precautions, we are back in training, hoping for more snow, but all in good spirits!

Taking a short break for a roll in the snow during today´s first run. Magpie and Skittles in lead.

Today, I took Jean-Luc, Jachym´s childhood friend and our new kennel help, for a run with the first team. He was excited about the whole experience, the nature, fresh air and all.

And as you can see below, he came well prepared for the winter :)

Jean-Luc straightening Runner, who kept pushing Granite to the right side of the line. By the way, he is a natural, when it comes to handling dogs!

We had two great runs today and the dogs are totally happy with being able to run and pull and burn some of their sparkling energy.

It feels great to be on the trail again!

Now, everybody please do the Snow Dance!

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