Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Day in the Woods

The very last day of October and of 2010 summer time was surprisingly pleasant, under the circumstances.

What I mean by that is that in the morning we took a look at our training trails, and found them all covered in pure ice. After a careful evaluation we realized it would be totally crazy to take a team for a run. And quite realistically, we know it is a matter of several days, probably. So now we really hope for some snow to cover the ice.

I decided not to panic about it this time. The dogs are in great condition and have sufficient training and miles in their feet. They have built good strong muscles in the past two months.
A few days of rest, when some of them can gain some needed weight, will only do them good!

The news of our new handler and kennel help Jean-Luc comming next week is also an injection of energy into our veins!

So with the feeling that everything´s gonna be alright, we took Alpha and Charlie for a walk, under the beautiful afternoon sun.

Being the wild n´free child of nature, Charlie told us what she thinks of the leash.

There are still things out there, that remain green and brave the cold.

The ever-popular run and chase game - Charlie chasing Alpha.

Some autumn melancholy

Beautiful Charlie in her element. The colder it gets, the faster they run!
The blend of the young dogs´ enthusiasm and their typical husky smiles, with the melancholic autumn portraits, as Jachym caught them in the camera, made for a great walk.

In the evening, we settled in to the cozy warmth of the fireplace and candle lights, Jachym carved a pumpkin and we made a pumpking pie.

No need for costumes - Jachym as the wicked wizzard with a black cat on his shoulder (Ronja) :)

Not being sure what kind of scary, halloweenish movie we should watch (we already know the Adams family and Sleepy Hollow by heart), we opted for Into the Wild, which is actually quite scary, although in a totally different way.

Happy Howlloween, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, charlie is so beautiful!!! heartbreaker no 1 :)

jacym made a cool witch :)