Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Mom´s Garden

Last Monday, I made a quick trip to Czech Republic as I was supposed to go for a one week vacation in Greece.

The trip got cancelled, so I spent two days in Cernosice, at my parents´ house, where I took care of the cats and the garden, while they were still on vacation at our place, in Sweden! :)

So I decided to take a few pictures of my mom´s pride and enjoy the beauty of all the blooming!:

Look at this beauty. And if only you could smell it!
When I close my eyes, I can still remember the fragrance.

The terace has lots of beautiful and interesting inhabitants - such as these two.

and these

I remember when I lived here, we often had sunday breakfast at the terace.

This corner gave me the impression of somewhere "south"

another beautiful rose, also with fascinating smell

purple hibiscus - look at the size of it! Like a tree!
Mine is a poor little guy on the living room window,
and when it has one single flower, I celebrate!

Simply amazing!

And look at the size of this rose bush!

and the hortensia!

Not to mention the red pelargonias - the same ones I have in my windows,
except the size is, ehm, "slightly" different!

The pink rose bush and the purple hibiscus.

This cute fela guards one of the flower beds

Yeah, and look at the size of my favorite sunvitalia!
I simply felt as if I made a trip to a botanical garden!
Mom, how do you do it?!

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