Sunday, May 2, 2010

Visiting Friends and Dog Relatives

Our first stop on the way south was at our dear friends Richard and Ingela, near Stockholm. Catching up on news, dog and puppy updates, walk in the woods (they live in a lovely area with a great surroundings) and enjoying the warm sun on the porch, before hitting the road again.

Although we swore that we won´t take any dogs with us down to Czech Republic this time, we ended up with two of them! The two lucky guys were Mouse and Ceeshiak (more on that later).

So not just us, but also Mouse got to see her daughter Summer (Indian Summer Kipp d´Amundsen), who lives at Richard and Ingela´s Isdimma Kennel. She grew into a beautiful young lady with a sweet temperament, reminding us so much of her gradpa Buck.

At this place, one thing is always sure, and that is that you get to spend time with at least one dog in the house. So we not only got our share of personal time with Summer, but we snuggled, cuddled and played with nearly everybody, on a 101 basis!

These handsome fellows are Comet (black and white) and Donder, from the Isdimma "Reindeer" litter, sired by our Canuck. Mom is Denahi, granddaughter of Bliss - the leading proessor. And for bright brains - yes, they are siblings of our "lion dog" Dasher :)

This is Vixen (black and white) and Dancer. Very promissing young ladies! I bet Vixen will be a show star and Dancer might have the brains for leading. But time will tell :)

It was really nice to see Canuck´s kids and Summer. They are a bunch of happy dogs.

Here are more pictures of the four "Reindeers" Richard and Ingela kept:

Thank you guys for great couple of days!

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