Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Changing Scenery

When one sits in the car for 2000km, there isn´t really much to do, than play around with laptop or take photos. So during this trip, I decided to make it a bit more interesting and take pictures at different areas we´ll pass, turning them into some type of collection. Here is the result:

Snake-like monster in Jönköping

Little port on lake Vättern, Jönköping
(Lake Vättern is Sweden´s second largest lake)

Flower signs by the highway through Jönköping

A unique cloud formation, somewhere on the E4 highway southward

Windmills near Malmö

The cranes of Malmö harbour

Green fields, no forrests and very low, big sky - typical landscape of Skaane, southern Sweden

My favourite old mill between Malmö and Trelleborg
And one more - my personal favourite! Not too bad considering it´s taken from fast moving car :)
The bay in Trelleborg

Ferries cruising on the Baltic sea in Trelleborg

The mountains in Czech Republic, shortly after crossing the border from Germany. No pictures from Germany, we drove through it mostly before dawn.

The Strekov castle in Usti nad Labem, overlooking the Labe river waters from the safety of high rocks.

Letohradek Windsor is the name of this former mill, sold in the late 1800s to a rich businessman and rebuilt to a summer "castle" who bancropted and since then it is slowly becomming a ruin. It stands on the hills by the highway to Prague.

All so very very different from the deep silent woods, hills, lakes, creeks, bare mountains, dozens of miles of gravel, moose crossing signs and reindeer herds in the middle of roads! :)

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