Monday, May 24, 2010

Babies in Harness

One day I woke up, went to the kennel and looking in the eyes of the puppies, I realized they were ready. They turned into young dogs and were longing for new adventures. And since we´re having an extremly cold May and spring announced a delay in arrival, it is a perfect time for harnessbreaking.

This spring we´re busy with a pretty big number of young dogs to work with in harness, and to show them all the great stuff about mushing - Chip, Lucky, Chisana are the yearlings, and then we have Maggie and Joey from the Northern Exposure litter, and Inuk, Iceman, Snorka and Modra from the "I" litter, all 8months old.

It is becomming a tradition, that besides the Professore (Bliss), our two best leaders Galena or Taz step in to demonstrate the art of being a sled dog. On this run, it is Galena taking the team out with Bliss.

The always cool and superpatient Granite (he totally inherited this from his wonderful dady Buck) is often an integral member of the harnessbreaking crew. Here pictured with his nephew - rookie Inuk (left).

Boogieing down the trail

onto the island

manuvering around an old lake house

down the meadow with no trail, just following trustingly the leaders, who manuver the team on command

back onto the trail

and along the lake

the weather was cold, windy, sunny and marvelously beautiful

...back over the main road

with happy faces, smiles from ear to ear and tungs hanging out

they became sled dogs over night

Team members l to r from photographer´s view:
Lead - Galena and Bliss
Team - Inuk and Granite
Wheel - Iceman and Grayling

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