Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Lucky 13

I was creative yesterday. I guess the strong sun and the returning spring brings back to life not just the nature, but also fantasy, inspiration and the spirit of creativeness :)
I bought a bunch of these blue baseball caps a while ago, my original thought being to put our kennel and racing team logo on them.
But when my friend Helena was here in the winter, she convinced me that while I am able to paint porcelaine and ceramics (you can see some of my work at, I have to try painting on textile.
We went and bought a bunch of t-shirts, textile paint and brushes, but it stayed at that until now.

My very first try out is this blue cap, which I effectionately named The Lucky 13. It features thirteen doggy paw prints that run across the sides and front of the cap. I am sure it will bring me good luck!

And while this was the very first test, soon you can expect a variety of motives, from paw prints to dog team. In case of interest, drop me a line or leave a comment.

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Anna said...

Hope you both are doing well! I just updated my website with some pix of Fonzie, som of Canuck! Have a check!

Best regards,