Sunday, November 8, 2009

Welcome Helena!

I must admit I was counting the days till her arrival. I was excited like a child at christmas. To meet and have here for a while my close friend Helena, is just simply a dream come true!

We´ve been through a lot together, our moms were friends since childhood, and so are we. No wonder I feel about Helena, as if she was my younger sister.

Helena helped me in the kennel back in Czech Republic long before I met Jachym, and handled for me at races. We had so much fun, training the dogs and travelling to competitions. Together with her, we came up with the motto: "a good dog handler must shut up and pick up shit", a fraze we will laugh about forever.

And now my dear friend and the best dog handler I´ve ever had, is here, to live with us for a couple of months, and help out at the kennel and household, keep us a wonderful company and help me with the kennel´s management.

Helena is a professional chef and has managed luxurious British restaurant, which gained the "Michelin star" under her leading hand. Let me tell you, comming home from training and having a meal ready, prepared by her, feels unreal. I feel very, very lucky!
With Helena came the snow!
Jachym finished the last two dog houses for the dog yard and the three of us placed them on their spots, before more snow will come.

Krtek is excited about the new member of the team

All the dogs immediately became fond of Helena´s cheerful presence

Chilli apreshiates the attention

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bea's blog said...

You all can be really lucky! This looks so nice; I have been in a dogcamp in Norway...
love it that your doghouses are sooooo huge; can imagine that the doggies love to go in there.
Special Day today in Germany!!!!