Thursday, November 5, 2009

Puppy Update: The "I" Litter at 4,5 weeks

Ok, here comes another puppy update that many of you are waiting for! :)

We´ve been busy with one of the Nordic Husky Farm´s this season´s last guests, so we managed to take photos of the puppies a tad later, but we´ll take more today or tomorrow, so there will be lots of pictures to look at, in a short time range.

Also, look forward to a couple more new entries during the weekend!

Inali and Inukshuk snuggling with the catterpillar

Inukshuk in the land of dreams

Iluq on her plush cat pillow

A protegé: Mouse with her first born daughter Indian Summer

Mouse and Nugget´s puppies are the best eaters we´ve had so far

Ikiaq is one of the litter´s top climbers and one of the most courageous ones. Here she climbed into the box with winter clothes Helena and I were sorting out.
Gotta love this one! I´ve never seen any female feeding her puppies this way! :)

And here come the 4,5 weeks pictures of each one of the babies:

Indian Summer

Gorgeous little girl, fully aware of herself. Not very affectionate, though. She seems to be happy with her siblings and mom and doesn´t need the "stupid" humans for her entertainment. Quite a "dog´s dog" so far.

This is one of the litter´s most favs at the moment. From the beginning, Ikiaq was one of the most outgoing, brave and funny puppies. She is also quite inventive and loves to climb everywhere.
Iceman is sweet and adorable little boy. His appereance is of a polar bear cub. He is quiet, calm and easy going. Never gets into trouble and he often gets tortured by his awful sisters. Thankfully, he´s got the protection of his bro Inukshuk :)
Another sweetheart, with a very similar personality as his brother Iceman. Inuk (as we call him) has got to be the cutest puppy on Earth. He craves the hugs and kisses and loves to snuggle. Another easy going puppy.
The little "gray fox" continues being one of the most favourite at this moment. She´s been the first to climb over the whelping box and explore the house. Brave, easy going and foxy-smart!
Iluq is the smartest and most daring one of the bunch, yet one of the most polite from the girls. I simply love her non-conflict, easy going, assertive personality. She also seems to have the most athletic ambitions at the moment :)
Ladies and gentlemen, we´ve got a clone! The only difference in resemblance of Mouse and her last daughter from this litter, is that Inuit (aka "Modra" (which means in Czech "blue")) is blue-eyed, while Mouse has one brown, one blue eyes. She is the most noisy out of the bunch, but that might very well be because she´s a tiny little gem, who needs to make sure she is heared! And boy, is she ever :) Another smart, affectionate puppy, and a real girl with all it´s worth. Needless to say, she stole Jachym´s heart completely!

And that´s it for the weekly update of the "I" litter. Stay tuned for more photos and update of the "Northern Exposure" litter within couple of days!

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