Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Extended Family

On November 8th, Magneto became father of his very first litter!

Lisa (Icey Blizzard Kipp d´Amundsen) gave a perfectly smooth birth to seven big puppies, at our friend Ola Lindgren´s Candymans Kennel.

You can follow the development of the four girls and three boys at Ola´s blog:

Yeah, time flies so fast - one becomes a grandmother before you even know it! :)

Magneto was handing out cigars the other day and he started working tripple hard in the team now, that he has become a daddy. He wants to set a good example :)

As I just uploaded this post, I found a cool entry about Magneto´s father (the litter´s grandfather) Herman, on my friend Karen´s blog:

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Anonymous said...

How cool! Send our greetings to the involved ones !! :)

//Richard och Ingela