Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Weather Forecast Feature on the Blog

I´m totally in love. Jachym found this awsome live weather forecast, which shows a beautiful picture of what the weather is like at the moment, and what´s forecasted.
It has details such as windows lit up at night, there are falling stars, you can see airplanes crossing the sky on a clear day. You see how windy it is, the rain, snow fall, fog, everything.

With this weather forecast, I can only look at my screen and see the current temperature, humidity level, the time, and much more.

If you wanna download it, click on the image and set it up for your computer and location (they didn´t have Vedjeön in their list of locations, but Jachym wrote them and asked to ad it and they did!).

If you ever wonder what our current weather is, or what´s the forecast, just go to our blog and check the sidebar.

The beautiful weather monitor requires the free Adoble Flash Player which you can download here.

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