Monday, September 7, 2009

Three Months Old Monsters and My Little Heartbreak

Our friends Haagen Björgum and his daughter Aud Kristin came to visit us this weekend. We always look forward to seeing them again, they are a wonderful company and we have a lot to share every time.
This time though, I had this little lumb in my throat and felt like something has grabbed my heart and squeezed my chest.
It was the feeling that now I must face the decision of letting one of my beloved three girls from the "CH" litter go. Deep inside I also knew which one it´s gonna be and I hated that feeling even more.
If it weren´t for Haagen and his family, I would have backed up from the deal, honest to god. I know that being a dog in the Björgum family and team is what every husky is dreaming of, and besides, HILL STRIKER Kipp d´Amunsden from our Magpie x Ewok litter lives with the Björgums and will be a wonderful company for Chuchinka. I even suggested to Haagen that they might become an interesting combination to consider, and his reply was "yes, I know" :)
But for now, we´ll be looking forward to updates on the "biggest monster" and very keen to watch her grow :)
I pointed out to Haagen that if he ever considered letting her go for the slightest reason, I am gonna go get her immediately :) Have a great life together, guys! You got yourself a heck of a nice puppy!
Before the Norwegians left, we took the puppies for a walk (mainly to tire the little dragoness down a bit before their long drive home) and made some obligatory pictures of all the kids at 3 months:





The biggest monster

With her new dady

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Anonymous said...

They are absolutely beautiful dogs. I have been a fond of that breed for years.