Friday, September 25, 2009

Dog Yard Building Project 2009 - Part II

Part 2 of our this year´s building and rebuilding project is acomplished! This part was all about remodelling of the existing dog lot, into the same shape as the new one, we built over June and July.

Now there´s just fencing of both lots and a brand new kennel (pens) left to be done. Weather permiting - we sure pray for mother nature´s cooperation, so we can be done before the winter and check this big job off the "to do" list :)

Skittles: "Is the noise and intruding gonna stop sometime soon? It´s kinda deffening"

Training continues under all circumstances, so such minor thing as machines driving around the dog yard can´t really throw us out of schedulle :)

To see the full step by step process from "before" to "after", go to the following album, where you will find a detailed documentation :)

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