Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saint John´s Wort

This year I decided not to miss mother nature´s generous offer of beautiful St.John´s wort crops.

These golden flowers are not just pretty, but they are full of healing and soothing properties.

With the help of Sparky, who went to acompany me one sunny afternoon (these herbs should be picked on a sunny day), I picked enough to dry for tea, as well as to make the oil, which helps to heal burns, cuts and other wounds.

The tea is a powerful help against sleeplessness and has a very calming, stress relieving effect.
Long term use helps to deal with stress and depressions. And if one wants just a good cup of delicious tasting tea, you have one more reason to have St.John´s Wort in your home.

Nothing tastes like the tea from freshly picked flowers and leafs, but the dried one is nearly equally as good.

Well, now you know what my favourite herb and flower is :)

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