Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Double Birthday

Jachym and I belong to the lucky couples that celebrate birthdays together, as ours are just one day apart.
Needless to say, it is very practical in our busy life, so we are very grateful for it! :)

Since we moved to the Swedish wilderness, far away from the "usual" stuff, celebrating our birthdays became somewhat more special - really enjoying the occasion of going out and doing something rare, what many people would think of as ordinary.

This year we treated ourselves to a trip to our closest city - Östersund, to have lunch at a Chinese restaurant, go to a cafe, have a latte and capucino, and a piece of cake (of course). And mainly, going to our favourite outdoor shop and picking a few presents for each other.

While Jachym got a whole bunch of fishing necessities and a nice outdoor shirt, I was excited to see if I can find my dream leather hat. And as you can see - I did, in deed! :) This one is a real STETSON.

Despite Jachym´s round birthday, he didn´t express any wish to have a big party and instead we decided for a canoe trip with friends.

Although I ended up with a case of really bad stomach and spent the day vomiting and sleeping (oh, how exciting!), the guys had a great trip and we got a bunch of the coolest presents from Alexandra and Thorsten, including a portable smoke house, a very unique aroma lamp and these cool items, made by Alexandra:
A door sign sporting our new kennel and team logo! (the logo was also designed by Alexandra and will be soon presented on our website)

and these awsome sled and huskies cookies, including the cookie cutters, so I´m already planning some cool christmas tree decorations for this year :)

Over all, a great birthday!

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