Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Day, Another Training Run

Wow, how fast do things go when there are 4 people to hook up a team!

Our friends Roman and Bara from Czech Republic came for a visit, and Bara and I got up really early one day to squeeze in a training run, before they would go back home.

The guys mumbled something about having breakfast ready for us when we are back, in return for letting them sleep longer, but soon enough we found them dragging their butts into the dog yard with cameras and hands ready to help at hook up. Aren´t we lucky to have such supportive partners?

Not only did I get a quick help (with no need to explain anything, as Roman and Bara are mushers themselves) at the start, and a fun company on the trail, but Roman also took some awsome pictures:

Leaving the driveway, Bliss and Ziggi in lead
Comming back

Skittles and Balto (right)

Back in the yard

Sparky, happy with the run and himself
Roman took a load of great pictures of the dogs and graciously let us use them as we please, so here I am sharing them in our web album:

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