Monday, August 3, 2009

And the winner is...

We´ve had a busy week. An awfully busy week, so that is my excuse for posting another CH litter update so late.

And with the update, finally the promissed "Who is the biggest monster?" poll results.

Let me summarize: 3 votes for Chuchinka, Chippewa (aka Chip-man), Chilko and Chilkoot are a tie with 2 votes, and 1 each for Lucky (Chatanika) and the first born Chignik. Hmm, none for Chisana!?

It was a tough fight, I can see, and I must give you, all voters, a big credit a praize - you guys all seem to have read the previous posts well, or is it because some of you have been over here and seen the monsters in action? LOL

Anyway, they are really pretty huge monsters all. The older, the wilder. I often wonder, my vains nearly ripped off my forearms, and bloody scars on my hands, where did the sweet and huggy puppies disapear so fast. I guess I will have to learn to accept they have other means of proving love and affection to us.

But even monsters have their limits, so let´s look at the correct answers. Drumrolls, please :)

The winners are those of you, who have voted:
The biggest monster is Chuchinka !
Yes, she´s bad. Real bad! :)

Followed by Chilko and Chignik (hand in hand, oops, sorry, paw in paw), Chip is nearly a tie too, but this time only bronze medal, sorry buddy. Chilkoot and Lucky nr.4.
Now, don´t get me wrong, that Chisana is not a monster. But she seems to be a smart monster, who behaved very well, while the poll was on :)

And here they are at 7 weeks, not in the winning order, but as they were born:






(doesn´t she look like the biggest monster?)

and Chatanika (aka Lucky)

And for a big success, I have prepared another poll: "Which monsters will stay with the Kipp d´Amundsen Team?" To make it fair as possible, I will allow 2 weeks for the answers. We´ll be deciding sometime between 2 to 4 weeks from now. Oh, and multiple answers allowed, as usual!

Happy Trails,



Jachym said...

I knew it! I Won!

bea's blog said...

Oooh well, I think it is hard to decide who should stay or not...probably little Lucky is the closest to your hearts after her dramatic start into life...
Hälsningar fran Beatrice

Ivana said...

Oh, I must say, she DEFINITELY looks the biggest monster - but sooooooooooooo

Ivana said...

She definitely looks like the biggest monster, but sooooooooooooooo

Ivana said...

I didn´t want to post it twice, sorry. Mom