Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vedjeön, my home

Rain or not, it is the end of July and I need to seriously start thinking about my condition and the upcomming season. Since the forecast is really bad for the next week or so, and I don´t even wanna look at it anymore, yesterday I simply put my hiking boots on, grabed the poles and went nordic walking alongside Vedjeön´s road, for 1,5 miles (2km).

I actually spoted a few things and details that would make a good material for "Vedjeön in pictures" blog post, so I am thinking of taking the camera sometime instead of the poles, and do some shooting. It is interesting to realize that I have walked this road so many times before and each time there is something that catches my eye and keeps my mind ocupied for a while, such as one of the old barns in the meadows, the recently blooming flowers, frogs jumping across the road, dog tracks, bear poop, birds, dragonflies over the creek, Gunnbritt´s new flowers or Folke´s ripening strawberry bed. The lake that I can see from the road, has a different color each time and definitely a different tone, often with either peaceful, quiet and welcomming waters or scary, wild, foamy and deadly see full of threatening waves.

I regreted not having the camera with me, as the fog, which covered the tops above the village cleared up for a while and I could see parts of Vedjeöbeget sticking out, and for the first time realized how high it is and how majestically it overlooks the village. As if it was guarding the life bellow. Although it isn´t a real mountain, I am happy to have our own big hill to guard us.

Soon the summer houses and cabins will be empty again, as the fall will aproach, and Folke, Kurt, Gunnbritt and us will become the only humans here, for a long time. But for the first time I didn´t feel lonely with that thought. I felt togetherness with this place.
I realized I know every stone and every tree here. Suddenly, the feeling of belonging here, to this very place, and of it being my home, filled me up. And it is a peaceful and happy feeling.


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Nardo said...

Wow! cool to read&realise Kat! probably also nice for you to reread&realise every now and then :-)You guys sure live in one hell of an awesome place :-)