Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ran Out of Bread? Where´s the Problem?!

This is one of the things I love about our rustic, rugged, remote, outdoor lifestyle, and wilderness set up. Nothing seems to be a problem.

Power shut down in the middle of snow snowstorm? We get water in the lake and cook on open fire. Ran out of bred? We make one. There never seems to be a reason to worry and solution is often just a reach away.

I call that Freedom.

And besides, nothing tastes like home baked bread!

Top picture: Jachym´s specialty - whole multi grain buns with bacon. Picture below: our traditional rye and whole grain bread.


Rikke said...

Just don`t run out of flour:) must admit I did not bake anything since long before last century

Katerina said...

He he - good point! :) Well, mabye we should consider making a field and grow crops, get us some mill and make it - actually, I don´t think so! :)
Considered we go to town once a week, I guess I can still buy flour without breaking too many rugged wilderness lifestyle rules! LOL