Monday, June 29, 2009

Toys R Us

Another week went by and the babies have grown and matured into playful, happy bunch. They are exactly 3 weeks now and got to try out their brand new toys.
You see, we buy each litter a new set of toys. Mostly, it is (obviously) because the previous litter usually destroys some of the toys or make them very, very used and we don´t want our next babies end up with only second hand stuff :)

The local Dollar Store, as well as the Red Cross Shop are a great source of suitable puppy toys, afordable for our pockets.

Chip fell asleep amongst his littermate, the "blue guy" and a sqeaky duck.

Chilkoot checking out the "hippie" duck, as we call it.
(It is outfitted with a colorful vest, headband and a huge smile)

Chip can´t decide which of the two toys is better...

... so he goes for a third one...

... but then he discovers the foot ball!
Future Maradona??

Chisana and Chilko wrestle over this toy...

... but Lucky solves it by stealing it for herself

And if the question of how many toys did the puppies get, crosses your mind, the answer is OF COURSE 7! :)

After all,
Those who play do not get naughty!

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