Saturday, June 13, 2009

Time to introduce

Today Star´s puppies are 1 week old. I figured out it would be apropriet to introduce them, in order as they were born. They are 5 days old on these pictures.

Puppy nr.1 - silver/white boy

Puppy nr.2 - gray/beige/white boy

Puppy nr.3 - dark gray/white boy

Puppy nr.4 - sable boy

Puppy nr.5 - dark gray/white girl

Puppy nr.6 - gray/beige/white girl
(with charcol makings on the face and feet)

Puppy nr.7 - gray/white girl
(yes, this is Lucky :))
photographing makes one tired

Soon we´ll present their names. The litter will start with CH this time, as it is an official letter in the Czech alphabet, after H and before I.

Puppy names are running through our heads already, as the little guys start to give us some clues and sings. Stay tuned!

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