Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Project acomplished and the Homeless Nomads are here

Our first bigger project after comming back from Czech Republic, was building of kennels and dog houses for our friends Alexandra and Thorsten´s huskies, before they move in. They are now our new neighbours, living only 6km from us!!!
And we were quite lucky to have finished the project just couple days before Star had her puppies! Or should I say, Star was so kind to us that she waited? :)

Finishing up the floor
Essembling the kennel sections together
Woala! The kennels are up and ready for the new tenants

Ha. The Homeless Nomads are here!
And they brought a lot of stuff with them! :)
The homeless huskies waiting on a stake out
for the kennel details to be finished up

Happy huskies. Hope they will enjoy their new home!

Good luck in your new home, guys and may you love living in the woods of northern Sweden, as much as we do!

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Rikke said...

How great that you get new, doggy neighnours!