Saturday, June 20, 2009

Deworming the Puppies

I thought that I actually never shared pictures or videos of what it looks like when one deworms puppies. Those who have or had puppies for sure know that it´s about a lot of patience and a lot of dewormer paste on your fingers, clothes, floor and sometimes even furniture :)

Two weeks old puppies are no weak tiny little defenceless creatures, they are experts on spitting the paste out, mellowing it in saliva and slowly drulling it out of their mouths, keeping it stuck on their upper jaw gums and pretending they swollowed it, and getting rid of it when you think you´re done with them.
And it will be even worse in couple of weeks, when they grow and the procedure has to be repeated!

Here´s a video featuring the seven 2 week old babies, and their opinion on the taste:

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