Sunday, May 3, 2009

In the Horse Country

We made the first stop of our journey traditionally at our dear friends Ola and Gunilla.

Talk over cup of coffee at their cozy home and snuggling with their huskies always feels great. We always sleep like babies in "our" room and rest wonderfully before we continue south (or north). We often call their place our "home away from home".

We went for a long walk with the dogs, greatly apreshiated by Maya, especially the creeks and ditches :)

Spring has definitely arrived to thsi part of the country and all is green. Easter lillies merrily bloom infront of Gunilla´s stable and the horses enjoy the come-back of sun.
Actually, there seem to be more horses in this area, than humans! :)

A lovely visit as usual and we enjoyed the trails in the woods thoroughfully!

Katerina with Maya and Ola with his soon-to-be retiree Getz

Maya is a strong puller

The nordic moss is plentiful in this area

The spring flowers, for which we have to wait a few more weeks, up north

Neighbours´s horses

Gunilla´s stable

Melanie & Grab - Gunilla´s arabian thoroughbreds

Maya and Melanie - meeting horses for the first time

Pretty girl Melanie

Lisa (Icey Blizzard Kipp d´Amundsen)
It is always so exciting to see "our" girl again!

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