Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Fine Madness of Running Dogs - Part 2

Now our place became real international meeting point for sled dog enthusiasts :) A week after Alexandra and Torsten arrived, our dear friends Ola Lindgren and Gunilla came with their 9 huskies, for what we already call "the tradition" of a holiday the last week of March.

Running dogs in the morning, mid day and afternoon, talking dogs, discussing races, evaluating the past season, snuggling with the huskies, some great cooking, some great laughs, a real dog-week :)
Katerina´s team led by Galena and Krtek
We had some real boot-camp training experiences, such as hooking up many teams side by side together in our dog yard, or head-on passings, such as the one on the picture below.
Ola with all his 9 dogs shortly after start, right out of our gate. Icey Blizzard Kipp d´Amundsen (Lisa) runs in the right swing
Balto wearing the new type of harnesses we started to use (the ZERO DC harness). Sparky looks into the camera, as the dusk is comming, during one of the runs

Alexandra´s team lead by one of her dogs Yuma and our Bliss

Bliss having well deserved meat soup after run
There are loads of photos from the mushing week in the Picassa album:
You can also read about Ola´s adventures and see some of his photos on their kennel´s website:
Happy Trails and thank you for a great week with great company!

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