Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Bucket Day

While rainy weather kept us from doing much of outside chores, the sun came out couple of days ago and literaly pulled us out of the house :)
The remains of straw were raked away from the tie out area and parking lot, some wood was chopped for the next winter, a few dog houses painted and a lot of traditional spring repairs and clean ups done.
And although it still freezes at nights most of the time (not much, though), it was time to bring out the water buckets and mount them on the kennel walls and dog houses.
While doing that, we also washed the kennel floors and let the dogs play for nearly half day in the dog yard.
As we are leaving for our annual trip to Czech Republic, we need to get the guys used to once a day feeding again, so our "dog-sitters" will have as easy work as possible.
Girls were moved away from boys to prevent any surprise breedings, in case they get in heat (except for those, that we wouldn´t mind being in heat and spending some time with specific boys :)).
Well, all is set and done and ready for our departure. The off-season is definitely here!

Huggy Bear guarding his treasure (moose bone from last year)

The dogs playing on the last remains of snow

Miss Skittles and her always present smile

Skittles performs an elegant jump over poop bucket
while chasing with Nugget

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