Friday, March 27, 2009

Hot Team

My team was very hot today. And yesterday. I suppose it will be like that until at least the middle of April. Not that the dogs feel too warm, but the girls are in heat. Eight of them at the same time.

The boys are actually quite ok on the outside (they eat and do not scream or try to get out of the kennels). The whole dog yard howls much more frequently, but otherwise it´s ok.

BUT it is rather interesting on the trail. You see, vast majority of our leaders are girls. Galena, Star, Ziggi, Krtek are amongst them, and they are in sound heat. And today Ziggi was in standing heat.

If I put the boys in the front, they will keep turning around, so I didn´t even for a milisecond think about doing that. I had only one team to run, Jachym and Alexandra were in town, so the option of running just a girl-scout team wasn´t the option. And besides, I wanted to run some of my this year´s "selection" of top ten, sort of thing.

Ziggi and Galena were the leaders today. Right behind them Tazlina, but, with Chilli. Ziggi immediately decided he was the only (nearest) option for her not to be wasted, and started to flirt. After one million, hundred and fifty thousand and a few more corrections, sweating and untangling, I managed to get her stand straight, with a huge help from Galena, who, although in heat, obeyed just beautifully. Why do I have to be so stubborn? :)

And off we were.

The actual run time was great, BUT dared I stop the team to let them roll in the snow, praize them, etc., trouble was waiting again. Ziggi simply kept bumping into Chilli and tried to run backwords instead of forward. I have never seen such determination and desperation to get bred, in any other female in our dog yard. I know Ziggi adores puppies, but we just have a bit different plans this year :)

Believe it or not, we eventually made it safely home after all (and with a fairly good time) and I managed to stop the romance before it even began. Pheeew!

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