Sunday, March 1, 2009


Next Saturday, March 7, 2009 start two of the world´s toughest races on Earth:

IDITAROD - 1049 miles
Anchorage to Nome, Alaska, USA

FINNMARKSLOPET - 1000 km (the northernmost race in the world)
Alta, Norway
Starts at 11:00 am CET - watch the start on the race´s webcam!

You can follow both races at their official websites (above) or on numerous other sites and blogs. Just to name a few:

Our blog will be closely following Finnmarkslopet, Europe´s longest and one of the world´s toughest races, so make sure to come back, or bookmark, follow or subscribe to our RSS.

Both Iditarod and Finnmarkslopet are the elite of sled dog long distance races and have a great medial coverage, so don´t miss it!

Although this is not directly related with our kennel´s activities and news (at least at the moment :)), we can´t avoid mentioning the world long distance races such as Iditarod, Finnmarkslopet, Yukon Quest or Femundlopet.

Only one week sets up apart from the start of these great events!
Let´s cheer for our favourite mushers and teams and follow their journeys across the wilderness and arctic!

Bon Voyage to all the wondeful dogs and their brave humans,


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