Friday, March 13, 2009

Finnmarkslopet 2009: Part 15 - Timone leads his team toward the finish line!

Howdy all!

Just got off the phone with Mikael!

He left the last checkpoint (which is just for signing in and out, not for resting) Jotka, 15 minutes ago (15:14)! Woohoo! He has only 53km left!
Timone singlehandedly leading the team to the restart

He sounded quite tired, but happy with the team´s performance. He said he didn´t even know in which position he´s curently running and all he cares about is not pushing the dogs too much. He rested them a bit more carefully during the entire race until now, just to make sure they are happy and willing to keep going.

The fourth dog that was dropped, which I could not find out, was Dogge, the only boy among the four dropped dogs.

He also proudly said that (his favourite) Timone (the main leader, who started really being a leader at age 8) is running better and better as the race progresses and when I asked him if he put him in another position at all, during the entire 1000km journey, he replied briskly: "no way!", and added: "sometimes I had to put another dog beside him once in a while, otherwise he ran single lead mostly". Atta boy, Timone! I wish I was there to scratch you behind your ears, when you lead your team safely across the finish line this evening.
Timone starting a team howl at the restart

On the other hand, mabye better I am not there tonight, I would cry like crazy :)

So here´s to: Timone, Tahti, Cassie, Blackie, Baffi, Turre, Stuffe, Rudi, Musti and Mikael - Have a safe and fast finish!


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